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[Solved] #6 Round (10 June, 2020) - Official tests for 3h of Spa
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Official tests for 3h of Spa
Round #6

This (sixth) round of Endurance GT Series is official tests for upcoming 3-hours of Spa race (which take place on July 29, 2020). At this test day event no points are awarded - main purpose of this event is just to prepare for upcoming 3h event, get used for night and relatively cold conditions and maybe rain in night (depends on server - dynamic weather is always on in all MEGTS events). 


Event Details

Date: 10 June, 2020 (Wednesday)
Time: 18:00 (CET)
Server name: Endurance GT Series

(If you can't find server, please try to search just for "myth")
(Time window for joining to server is from 17:30 (CET) to 18:10 (CET).

All drivers should get  password for joining to server into their initial registration email and also will be sended again 1 day before race in reminder email - please check your spam folder)



Event Structure

Practice: 20 minutes (18:00 - 18:20 CET)
Qualification: 30 minutes (18:25 - 18:55 CET)
Test Race: 30 minutes (19:00 - 19:30 CET)

In case of any changes, all changes will be written here as new post and also this first post will be edited according to changes.
Please check this post regularly!

Topic starter Posted : 5.6.2020 9:18
Member Staff

Server is now online and you can join. If you can't find server, please try to search just for "myth"

Topic starter Posted : 10.6.2020 17:32

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