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Incident investigation - #7 Round (1 July, 2020) - Zandvoort
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Everything being investigated appear here, it may take few days to investigate everything. You can also propose something that we should take a look at (give us the lap or minutes where the incident happened)

There is list of investigated incidents of #7 Round of Endurance GT Series Championship:


  • K. Scullari (14)
    Reason: Causing collision between car 49 in lap 4 
    Result: Race incident - no further action required.


  • D. Dlugokecki (111)
    Reason: Unfair overtake of car 27 in lap 5 without re-giving the position. 
    Result: 1 Driver Penalty Point [overall 1 DPP]


  • S. Raineri (27)
    Reason: Causing collision between car 111 in lap 5 
    Result: 2 Driver Penalty Point [overall 4 DPP]


  • F. Zavoral (49)
    Reason: Causing collision between car 23 in lap 8 
    Result: 2 Driver Penalty Points [overall 2 DPP] + 15 seconds penalty



Non Race penalties

  • L. Simpson (90)
    Reason: Not attending to second race in row (breaking paragparh 1. of Rules & Regulations)
    Result: 5 Driver Penalty Points [ overall 6 DPP] (last warning before disqualifying from MEGTS championship)



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