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Please feel free and share your Opinions & Suggestions and Thoughts regarding Economy Overhaul, what you like, what you dislike and other things.

Posted : 7.11.2019 12:09
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Excellent work sir! I Played ETS steam version with your mod was amazing. Since my PC was broken and I forgot my steam email and password, so I can't play original version because for me is too expensive if I buy all DLC's again, so I decided to download crack version. After I played an hour, suddenly I forgot one important mod, it was "Economy Overhaul", but I can't download it because your mod only available on steam, right? So, I searched everywhere and I can't find external link, in fact I tried to download third apps to find a way only to download your mod and its a big failed and finally I decided to ask you, lol. Can you upload the external link of this great mod? I really need this mod because the reason I played ETS  again was your mod, this mod can make me still playing hours without bored. That's what I like about this mod. So, if you can upload the external link, I really appriciate, Thankyou, Sir!

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Posted : 24.9.2020 8:06

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