New Team Registration

Register your own Team into 2020 season of Endurance GT Series Championship. Entry fee per Team for whole 2020 season is 5 EUR.


Whats included and what Team get:

• Access to whole 2020 season of MEGTS

• Abillity to win 100 EUR prize money and champion title

• Team web page

• Discount for next year MEGTS season.

• Reserved slots at training servers

• Help with finding sponsors and negotiating

• Build your Team reputation and Brand visibility

• Exclusive bonuses and discounts from our Partners


Solo Driver Details

First Name

Last Name

Email adress


Driver photo


Prefered Teammate Nationality

Prefered Car

Rules and Regulations acceptance

Team & Drivers Regulations for 2020 season Available to read here or in the link below
 I understand and agree with the rules and regulations

After submitting this registration it will be reviewed by staff. You will be informed about registration approval status between 1 - 3 business days. If your registration be approved, you will get, among other things, link for paying Endurance GT Series entry fee of 3 EUR. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at email or visit our official Support page.