New Solo Driver Registration

Register as Solo Driver into 2020 season of Endurance GT Series Championship. Solo Drivers entry fee for whole 2020 season is 3 EUR.

We now also allowing registration into MEGTS to Drivers without any Team, Teammates or without whoever who could be second Driver eligible to do driver swaps during the races and form Team at least of 2 Drivers (hereafter as “Solo Driver”).


Whats included and what Solo Drivers get:

• Access to whole 2020 season of MEGTS

• Abillity to win 100 EUR prize money and champion title

• Assigment to other Solo Driver to form Team eligible to do driver swaps during race.

• Reserved slots at training servers


Solo Driver Details

First Name

Last Name

Email adress


Driver photo


Prefered Teammate Nationality

Prefered Car

Rules and Regulations acceptance

Team & Drivers Regulations for 2020 season Available to read here or in the link below
 I understand and agree with the rules and regulations

After submitting this registration it will be reviewed by staff. You will be informed about registration approval status between 1 - 3 business days. If your registration be approved, you will get, among other things, link for paying Endurance GT Series entry fee of 3 EUR. If you have any questions or issues, please contact us at email or visit our official Support page.