"Our passion for what we do and effort to polish every detail is that what allows us to bring new worlds to life."

We are on the quest to precisely craft and publish epic quality Game projects, Modifications and Esports events that are ready to be your best friend and companion on your heroics journeys. Our passion for what we do and effort to polish every detail is what allows us to bring our dreams to life through our projects and deliver to you the best possible experiences that you deserve. It is one of our core values to provide you flawless and supported projects and keep enhancing your gaming experience…always!

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The story of was founded in July 2017 however our story begins even before this date, specifically in the year 2016 when there was predecessor called Ablaze. Ablaze was a server with curated game modifications aiming to deliver only modifications that are always up-to-date, transparent about what exact changes they do in-game, and are safe to use. We very quickly realized that there are not enough modifications that meet our strict criteria and decided to develop our own modifications that meet these criteria and players can be sure that these mods are safe to use, transparent about every single change, always up-to-date and with world-class support. And this is the time when comes to the scene.


In the first year, we released our own first modification Economy Overhaul for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which quickly became the highest-rated, longest continuously updated and supported economy modification on Steam and on the Internet and wins multiple awards. In 2018 we went even further and teamed up with developers of Euro Truck Simulator 2 from SCS Software and deliver every new update of Economy Overhaul even before the latest ETS2 major update or DLC enter the public beta test.


Through years developed from a mod developer into a regular world-class video gaming network, game developer, publisher, provider of game-related tools & services, game servers and organizer of prestige esports events while uniting thousands of players all over the world and allowing them to enhance their gaming experience, making new friendships and exploring epic projects across many games and realms.

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Without these heroes, it would not be possible to keep developing our strong community, enhancing your gaming experience thru our mods and services, keep our technical support at the top level with very high standards and organize one of the greatest esports events.

We thank you from the depths of our hearths for all your support by donating to us, helping with development, supporting us in other ways or just by being part of the community and using our mods, services or tools!




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