Simracing Race Fuel Calculator

Calculate how much fuel you need for the race of any length, on any track and in any racing game! Simracing Race Fuel Calculator supports every racing game, such as Assetto Corsa Competizione, iRacing, Automobilista and Factor, and Project Cars.

SRFC’s algorithm calculates for you three different fuel strategies – minimum fuel load, safe (or for races with full formation lap) and recommended which is the best balance between safe and very aggressive and you’ll be sure, that you finish the race without any difficulties and without tons of liters remaining in your fuel tank.

Is your race based on time duration or on number of laps?
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Min : Sec : Ms - *You don't need to fill milliseconds.

Supported games

Supported games by our Simracing Race Fuel Calculator. However remember, SRFC can be used almost for any racing game which is on the market!

Simracing Race Fuel Calculator

SRFC calculate for you three different fuel strategies from which you can choose:

Minimum fuel

This is the minimal amount of fuel you need to complete the race of the given time or laps. Please keep in mind that your fuel consumption may vary lap to lap so it is not safe to use this minimum fuel strategy outside of qualifying session and practice.

Safe (Full formation lap)

Use this strategy for races with full formation lap or in races where you expect that they may be longer than expected due to some situations like safety cars, full course yellow or the fast pace of the leader. With this strategy you should have fuel safety reserve for around two laps.


This is the recommended fuel strategy for almost all races, especially shorter ones where is no full formation lap. There is one lap safety reserve of fuel.

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