Cruz wins first race of MEGTS 2020!

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Frist race of MEGTS at Monza circuit in a thunderstorm was dominated by R. Cruz from Falcon Racing with his Lexus followed by M. Mountzougiannis and L. Dimopoulos!

You can watch whole race with commentary at official RaceWorld channels:

Official race results

  1. R. Cruz
  2. M. Mountzougiannis
  3. L. Dimopoulos
  4. A. Raggioli
  5. F. Zavoral
  6. M. Garcia
  7. J. Birtwistle
  8. S. Phelps (+10s penalty)
  9. S. Sicolo
  10. K. Müller (+10s penalty)
  11. N. Carvalho
  12. D. Dlugokecki
  13. K. Taddei
  14. P.  Vagianis
  15. P. Castelli
  16. L. Simpson
  17. D. Kuhn

Post race driver interviews

R. Cruz

Congratulations for yesterdays win! Can you please tell us your thoughts about race? Your pace was dominant, so it seems that your car fast prepared for these wet conditions very well. 

Thank you! My thoughts about the race. Well, at first i was just thinking about getting through turn 1 in those conditions. I managed to get a Great start which put me in p2. I immediately realised that i had a lot more confidence on the brakes than Zavoral who was in front of me so I wanted to get in front of the pack. As soon as I hit the front I noticed that I had a pretty good pace so I created a little gap and controlled the race from there. I waited with my pitstop to see if the conditions would change to dry, but they did not so I pitted with 1/3 of the race left to go. From there on it was just bringing the car to the checkered flag.

My setup was the standard “agressive setup” that the game provides. i put TC on 6/8 and ABS on 8/11. For me it helps if the car is able to slide a bit in the rain to go faster thats why I don’t use max TC and ABS. other that that and fuel I did not touch the setup.

I enjoyed the race a lot and I’m hyped for the next one

M. Mountzougiannis

You’ve qualified at P14 and managed to get to P2, that’s incredible result.

Qualifying was quite terrible to be honest.When I saw rain for the race I felt a lot of confidence because I knew I could go fast at those conditions. We had a few incidents with some drivers and I am glad they were not terminal for us. I am really happy with with the race pace we had at our debut race in Mythiq resulting in a podium and having one of my mates with me up there made it even more special. We will keep pushing for more.

F. Zavoral

You qualified at P1, what happened during the race?

After really good qualifying result I hoping for really strong pace also in race, however heavy rain changes everything. I’ve go for my own wet setup which usually works very well, however today I’ve really struggling and unfortunately in these particular conditions this setup not worked at all. After start I’ve noticed that Cruz managed to be at P2 , but in entrance to ascari I’ve been too optimistic at brakes, so he pass me. From this point I’ve noticed that my aero balance was not good and later on I’ve struggling also at straights to keep car under control and then I’ve lost down force while battling for P2 in curva grande and damage car a bit.  Many congratulations to Cruz, he really dominated these conditions.

M. Garcia

Can you please tell us your thoughts about race? Can you tell what happened during your pit stops?

The race went well. at the pit stop I was wrong and I put on dry wheels, that’s why I made a second stop to change to wet wheels.

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