just moved to new powerful servers!

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Share on reddit is here for all of you since 2017 and with growing popularity our previous web servers not match the demand from all of you which is overwhelming and we thank you for your support and trust! And as a part of something bigger, we decided to move to more powerful servers to make your experience with even better.

We just finalized the moving to new and more powerful servers, so all main services, including website,  are now back online and available again for all of you!

Please accept our sincere apologies for that the outage lasted longer than we expected, but we think that it pays off.

Your experience with should be now much more smoother, faster and better with significantly shorter loading times!

In last year unique visitors traffic increased at by more than 2500% and by returning visitors by more than 8500%  so you may understand that the original servers from 2017, when was started, was a bit under-powered to handle all your requests. Some of you may experienced slow loading times or error messages in  past and that was unacceptable for us, because your flawless and smooth experience is most important thing and it is crucial for building our community. So thanks to moving to new powerful servers you’re now able to have a lot smoother experience from our website and you no more experience any delays or error messages. As always, we want to deliver to you, players, users and members of our community, only epic quality experience across all our projects and website and that’s why we done this.




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