Highlights from MEGTS 2020 Round #8 at Zandvoort

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Wednesday’s 8th round race at Zandvoort, from our Mythiq.net Endurance GT Series esports championship in Assetto Corsa Competizione, win Cruz once again after retirement of Raineri who won the pole position in qualifying. Now we bringing you highlights from that event and post-race interview with top 3 drivers.

Zandvoort was Cruz’s home race and for sure winning here must feels twice as good for him, especially if it is fifth win in row. Garcia follows with his Ferrari second and showed us absolutely stunning driving and strategy, because he managed to avoid any incidents and make it from 7th position to 2nd.


Here are some post-race words and thoughts regarding Zandvoort race from top 3 drivers:


R. Cruz (1st)

Congratulations for winning after start from second place! Zandvoort was your home race, is winning here for you even more special thanks to it? And this is your fifth win in row, do you looking forward to this years MEGTS champion title – seems that you’re unstoppable!

Thank you!!
Winning at your home race always feels better and more special and especially if you’ve had to work for it. In started from p2 so I went for an different strategy. I went with 50l of fuel so that I would have a lighter car for the whole race. I also went for a tire change. I managed to snatch the lead into t1 and managed to create a gap straight away. When the pitstops came Garcia did not change his tires so I had to work really hard to catch up to him with 5 minutes left on the clock!

At the moment I’m not thinking about the championship just yet. I’m taking things race per race. I’d love to be champion but we’ll have to wait and see!


M. Garcia (2nd)

First of all, congratulations for excellent race! How do you managed to finish second, do you set any strategy before race, or you just tried to avoid incidents and hope for the best? Do you aiming to third or second/first overall position in MEGTS championship?

I did not expect to finish second. I already started the race losing a place, but due to failures of the riders in front I managed to get second. When I enter the pits do not change tires and that penalized me for the last 15 minutes, but if I wanted to win I had to do something different than Cruz, but he had an incredible pace and in the absence of 2 or 3 laps he caught me and I went ahead. very happy with the second place because he did not think he would get as high. Unfortunately I cannot fight for the top positions in the championship due to my work, I have to miss races and these are points that I cannot score.


D. Dlugokecki (3rd)

Congratulations for third position! After not being able to attend to couple of races and bad luck with technical issues in first race, you managed to get back really strong. P2 at Paul-Ricard and now great P3. Do you looking to get at third or second position at overall championship standing?
The race was kinda mixed yesterday. Never really got the setup quite working but was still quite quick at the begining. I forced my way a little into P2 but then was immediately involved in an accident due to that divebomb. after that I had damage and couldn’t keep the pace up of P1 and 2.
Then at the stop I accidentally took a full fuel tank so was never gonna manage more than P3. So just brought it home with worn tires and a way too heavy car. I think I still had 60 litres at the finish
Overall I am not looking at the championship. Just try to do well at each race and enjoy the racing.

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