Introducing Game Companion

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It is our pleasure that we can introduce to you’s newest project which is Game Companion. It is a growing set of helpful online tools which we are sure will become a helpful companion on all your journeys across a variety of games and realms.

Our Game Companion is a growing set of helpful online tools such as maps, server-time clocks, talent calculators, quest helpers, and many more for a variety of games. Starting with the “ESO Clock” for The Elder Scrolls Online which is based on in-game server time, and is designed to help you determine whether it is the right time to go stealing in-game or to complete the certain time-based quest without the need to log in to the game and checking the time of day in-game

In a short time Game Companion receives a new tool for World of Warcraft and our plans are to continuously update Game Companion to be your best friend on all your in-game journeys not only in The Elder Scrolls and World of Warcraft but in many many more games across genres.

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