WoW Classic dungeons & TBC Classic dungeons overview tool

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As we promised in last week’s Game Companion introduction, we are happy to release another tool as part of our Game Companion which is the dungeon overview & helper online tool for World of Warcraft Classic and its expansion Burning Crusade Classic.

We are happy to introduce WoW Classic dungeons – a new online tool as part of our Game Companion. WoW Classic dungeons tool for World of Warcraft Classic (WoW Classic) and its expansion Burning Crusade Classic (TBC Classic) is an overview of all available dungeons sorted by level from lowest to highest which helps you quickly decide what dungeon is best for your character while leveling or you can simply check where is the entrance to the dungeon located.

Besides dungeon location, every card also contains information about dungeon name abbreviation for better in-game group search, and the possibility to display entrance location within one click or minimal required level to zone into the dungeon in case that your friend wants to boost your character.

In the future, you can expect updates to our WoW Classic Dungeons tool which brings even more features to each dungeon card. Meanwhile, enjoy your journeys in the realms of Azeroth and Outland with our Game Companion and share your thoughts, experiences or suggestions at our Forums with other members of our community!

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