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Our community is one of the main pillars and since we trying to deliver to you best possible experiences, we decided to reinvent how online communities interact, scrap traditional forums concept and introduce new Community hub as alternative for our old forums.

We always strive to bring members of the community closer to each other and since the concept of traditional online forums is a bit outdated and unpopular among online communities nowadays, we decided to do extensive research on what would improve interactions between our community members and our new Community section is the result.

We’ve come up with our new Community hub which is designed as a real-time chat platform with channels joinable within one click. During our research, we investigated, that the main issue of the traditional outdated forums concept is complicated and non-intuitive navigation through topics, so this is why our main focus with our new Community hub was to build the user-experience design around maximal simplicity and intuitiveness.

The above mentioned is why our new Community hub section has a familiar design similar to Discord or other modern chat platforms – to help you to better, faster and more intuitively navigate through our Community hub and its channels/categories.

However, we know that the user-friendly design and simplicity is everything, so you can use our Community hub directly inside your browser on all devices – from desktops, tablets, mobile phones to TV’s and infotainment inside your car and without the need to be registered & logged in to read through channels.

Dear visitors, users, players, and members of our community, please feel free to visit our new Community page, introduce yourself, say hi or just chit-chat with other members. We will be extremely grateful for all the responses, suggestions and every message!

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