We launching new public servers for Assetto Corsa Competizione.

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Beyond our first server which originally had random track rotation and now was transformed into a popular Monza server, we’ve publicly launched also three other new Assetto Corsa Competizione servers with the most popular tracks such as Nurburgring, Mount Panorama (also known as Bathurst) and legendary Spa-Francorchamps – all 2020 versions.

We’ve transformed all servers into Sprint servers, which have 20 minutes qualifying and 25 minutes race for all players with 3 track medals and 70+ safety rating. All servers running on our high-end hardware, so as always, you can expect only a flawless experience with low latency. Also, all servers are available for 32+ players and up to 120 for special events such as our 3 Hours of Spa event.

In upcoming weeks, we plan to add more Sprint servers with other popular tracks and, of course, you can expect also public endurance server with longer events. Feel free to share with us what track is your favorite at our Community hub!

You can find detailed information and how to join our servers at their specific servers page accessible through the top main menu here at Mythiq.net > projects > servers.

How to join our ACC servers

The easiest way to find and join one of our Assetto Corsa Competizione servers is following:

  1. Launch Assetto Corsa Competizione
  2. Click on “Multiplayer”
  3. Click on “Server Browser”
  4. In in-game multiplayer server search type “myth” and press enter

If you have any issues regarding connecting to our servers or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Mythiq.net Support or ask us or our welcoming community inside our Community hub.


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