Economy Overhaul and beyond.

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Economy Overhaul 1.9.13 is now released and comes with support for newest Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.42 and multiplayer.

As you may noticed, this week we’ve faced the fact, that the Economy Overhaul has been stolen and illegally re-uploaded and sold for money by some individuals, which not only violate our right, but also rights of SCS Software (developers of Euro Truck Simulator 2) and primarily we feel very bad for you, players and users of Economy Overhaul because Economy Overhaul is and always be for free.

Our lawyer advised us to not release any further updates of Economy Overhaul until the whole legal case with individual, who illegally selling Economy Overhaul, However despite mentioned advice and despite we’ve put a lot of effort and resources into developing current and upcoming Economy Overhaul and somebody illegally reaps the fruits of ou labor, we feel that it would not be right towards you, players and users of Economy Overhaul, to stop releasing updates.

We decided to go against advice and confirm, that Economy Overhaul will continue to be updated. So you can expect to have it up-to-date and prepared for every latest version of Euro Truck Simulator 2 as always.

Just please, spread the word and keep it in mind, Economy Overhaul is for free. If you find somewhere that it is sold, please ignore it, boycott it or report it to us.

Economy Overhaul 1.10.0

Last couple of weeks we finalizing works on the awaited next major version of Economy Overhaul 1.10.0 which brings a lot of new features, improvements, and things based on your suggestions and wishes.

We’ve planned to launch closed testing next week, however, due to the above-mentioned situation, we are now forced to re-think the whole concept and come up with a safer solution for some features, such as the ability to use Economy Overhaul for non-steam users while keeping it automatically up-to-date without the need of the user interaction.

Unfortunately, this whole situation delays the release of Economy Overhaul again for at least a couple of weeks or it will cause that some features, such as the ability to use it even for non-steam users, would not be included in the initial release of Economy Overhaul 1.10.0.

As always, we’ll keep you informed, we’ll keep working hard to deliver to you the best possible product and met your expectations. Thank you to all of you, players, fans, and the community for supporting us. Your support last few days ways overwhelming and it means a lot for us!

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