The end of Economy Overhaul

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It’s been more than 6 years of epic ride with Economy Overhaul modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and now it’s time to move on and say goodbye to Economy Overhaul.

You may noticed, that in last year we’ve teased that new generation of Economy Overhal 1.10.0 coming, however due to some circumstances we’ve unfortunately decided to not release the fully developed new version due to situation, where we found that some parties reselling our Economy Overhaul on their webshops and piracy gotten worse how time goes.

We tried to do all possible steps to protect players and inform them, that the original source of Economy Overhaul is and it is for free to everyone, make legal steps agains piracy parties and more, however it would take long long time, effort and money to solve it.

Whole project was made for you, players, completely for free we spending our own resources, time and effor to develop and finance Economy Overhaul (since its start there was 6 developers, over 1000 hours of work and thousands of Euros invested into this project), we’ve made longest continuously updated economy mod for ETS2 ever made based on tons of real data with cooperation with real transportation companies all around the world, made over 600 updates and entertained more than 100 000 players all around the world.

Today, unfortunately, whole Economy Overhaul journey ends. It was our pleasure to be able to deliver to you our modification, to entertain you and cooperate with you.

Big thanks to all who support us, contribute on development or use Economy Overhaul!

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