Situation regarding Economy Overhaul

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Economy Overhaul was there since 2017 and it is longest constantly updated and supported economy modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 on Steam and on the Internet.

We’ve done our best to prepare every update of Economy Overhaul to be ready for latest ETS2 patch release at day one every time developers released new major version of their Euro Truck Simulator 2.

In 2018 we went even further and teamed up with developers of Euro Trick Simulator 2 from SCS Software to deliver to you, players, every new update of Economy Overhaul even before latest ETS2 major patch enter public beta test.


So what happened?

In August 2019 we, at, experienced fatal failure of Hard Drive where was stored all data and all new future major updates for Economy Overhaul which was still in progress. Since we spent months by working on these major updates and we do it all for you, players and whole community, for free and in our free time, we now have two possible ways what will be next.

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What possibilities we have?

1. Possibility is to end up with development and support of Economy Overhaul.

2.  Possibility is to send Hard Drive to professional company specialized in data recovery and Hard Drive hardware repairs. But this solution cost money, and it is not small amount for us – since we do everything for free and in our free time. It may cost from 200 to 400 EUR based on how difficult will be to restore data. And only way to pay costs for data recovery is to ask you, players of ETS2 and whole community, for your support.


Since we don’t want to end up with development and support of Economy Overhaul we decided, that the second possibility is right direction to go. We don’t want to ask you for any monetary support, but we have to in order to save Economy Overhaul and continue in its support and development.

We can’t ask you for anything, but if you like Economy Overhaul and, you can support us and further development / support by donating us just as little as 1 EUR in our GoFundMe campaign here: And if you can’t donate anything, that’s completely fine too and we completely understand it.

[button title=”Support us by donating in our GoFundMe campaign” link=”” target=”_blank” align=”” icon=”” icon_position=”” color=”” font_color=”” size=”2″ full_width=”” class=”” download=”” rel=”” onclick=””]

And what you get in return? First of all, we continue with developing and supporting of the Economy Overhaul as you used to, both at steam and our official website In addition everyone who donate will be mentioned in credits both at official Economy Overhaul page and in game/steam and get exclusive access to beta builds of upcoming Economy Overhaul major updates (please read rewards section for more informations)

You’re best community out there and we love you!

Thank you to everyone!
Your well known Ahurmen from


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