Yet largest update of Economy Overhaul is here!

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Update 1.8.0 for Economy Overhaul is now live and of course supports newest version 1.30.x of Euro Truck Simulator 2! Yet largest update brings realism to entire new realms featuring 36 new currencies from Europe and other major world countries,  Ferry & Eurotunel prices based on real world prices, new enchanced system of police fines alongside with police fines based of real world data.



As usually Economy Overhaul is always ready for latest update or DLC for Euro Truck Simulator 2 at day one, the release day, and this time it is not different in case of newest patch 1.30.x for ETS2. Economy Overhaul 1.8.0 is now fully compatible and support newest version 1.30.x of Euro Truck Simulator 2 even before actual release. So now you can fully enjoy new Scania S and R and northern part of Italia with Economy Overhaul!


But now let´s move to the main points of newest Economy Overhaul 1.8.0 which are new currencies. We know that Economy Overhaul using thousands of you, players, all over the globe from all different countries and we also know that that you deserve currency of your country which is most famillar to you – so we introducing additional 36 new currencies from Europe and all other major World countries from which you can choose and use in Euro Truck Simulator 2.

Economy Overhaul now providing largest ammount of currencies between all modifications for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and you can choose from currencies of following world countries (currency code in brackets): Albania (ALL), Australia (AUD), Azerbaijan (AZN), Belarus (BYN), Bosnia and Herzegovina (BAM), Brazilia (BRL), Bulgarie (BGN), Canada (CAD), China (CNY), Croatia (HRK), Egypt (EGP), Georgia (GEL), Iceland (ISK), India (INR), Israel (ILS), Japan (JPY), Macedonia (MKD), Mexico (MXN), Moldova (MDL), New Zealand (NZD), Romania (RON), Russia (RUB), Saudi Arabia (SAR), Serbia (RSD), Singapore (SGD), South Africa (ZAR), South Korea (KRW), Switzerland (CHF), Taiwan (TWD), Tunisia (TND), Turkey (TRY), USA (USD), Ukraine (UAH), United Arab Emirates (AED), Venezuela (VEF), Vietnam (VND).


Patch 1.8.0 of Economy Overhaul now includes highly awaited Overhauled Eurotunel & Ferries to and from all ports based on real world prices and also Enchanced system of police fines alongside with police fines based on real world data. First of all, new enchanced system of police fines now no longer multiply fines by your level and also if you violate the law and there is no police car nearby then you will get only 50% of fine (not applicable for radars and car crashes). This allows us to brings to you police fines as clocest as possible to real world police fines and provide you even more immersive and realistic feeling from Euro Truck Simulator 2.

And as you might know, Economy Overhaul now supports newest version 1.30.x of Euro Truck Simulator 2, but that does not mean that we forget on players who still using older versions of Euro Truck Simulator 2 like 1.28 and 1.27. Good news, for thoose who for some reason dont want update Euro Truck Simulator 2 to newest version 1.30, is that we will continue in support of older versions of ETS2 and you will receive every single update of Economy Overhaul.

Enjoy newest Economy Overhaul 1.8.0 and prepare yourselves for upcoming DLC´s such as “Bella Italia” or latest corfirmed “Special Transport” DLC which will be both officially supported by Economy Overhaul at day one as usual. For more details and infromations about Economy Overhaul 1.8.0 see Patch Notes with complete list of changes. As you might noticed, our classic Changelog was renamed to Patch Notes because we think that it minimalise possibility of misunderstanding that the Changelog (Patch Notes) is fixed only to current Economy Overhaul patch and not to whole Economy Overhaul in general.

If you need help or have any questins, please visit Support page and we do our best to help you or answer your questions.


1.8.0 Patch Notes:

View full Patch Notes and detailed changelog of Economy Overhaul 1.8.0

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