7 Days to Die server updated & new world

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We just finished our planned update of our 7 Days to Die server to newest game version A19, so all players are now able to fully enjoy new game features!

As we mentioned last week, today we completed update of our 7 Days to Die server to newest game version A19 and also decided to move out from regular Navezgame world to random generated world which will be for all of you much more interesting to explore! Unfortunately thanks to moving to random generated world, we was forced to erase all your player data, buildings and bases you made, because as you may know, there is no way to convert it into new game world. We are sure, that you’ll enjoy new map even more than our old default map not only because it is completely uknown and unexplored map, but also it is much bigger than default Navezgame map.

Also we updated our server hardware to one of the best in industry, so you can expect extremely smooth experience withtout any issues that may spoil your experience from playing at our 7 Days to Die server.

All important informations regarding our 7 Days to Die server can be found at server page or in forum thread.


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