Economy Overhaul update 1.7.1

Today was released update 1.7.1 of Economy Overhaul for Euro Truck Simulator 2 and it consists mainly from balancing prices per KM of cargos from “Heavy Cargo Pack” official SCS Software´s DLC. Below you can find what exactly was changed & balanced in this version or you can view full changelog for Economy Overhaul at the following link: Economy Overhaul Changelog

Weekly fuel price update will take place tomorow, Wednesday July 25, as usuall.


Economy Overhaul 1.7.1 changes:

Balanced prices per KM for following cargos from “Heavy Cargo Pack” DLC

  • Concrete Beams (increased by 37%)
  • Transformer PK900 (increased by 23%)
  • Cable Reel (increased by 39%)
  • Locomotive Bossloc (increased by 4%)


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